Chapter Profile

The NCMA Hampton Roads (NCMA HR) Chapter (#47) was chartered on October 19, 1972 and is made up of officers, committee chairman, members and non-members who meet in order to to strengthen the chapter network through mentorship, collaboration, and innovation. NCMA HR has nearly 300 members from public, private, and non-profit organizations. 

The chapter seeks leading figures in government, industry, politics, and academia to engage in emerging acquisition topics. Our Chapter meetings are held on a monthly basis every second Tuesday or Thursday from September through May. To supplement its monthly chapter meetings, we provide additional career development opportunities, offers topical webinars and seminars, supports the Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP), delivers a robust and interactive CPCM review class, and tries to engage local colleges and universities to help grow future contract professionals.

Our Role: Advance and impact the contract management profession through improved buyer-seller relationships.

Our Impact: Improve buyer-seller relationships that directly contribute to government and private organizational success.


To see our current calendar of events, please visit our Events page.

Our Code of Ethics

We all support the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Our Bylaws

We ensure strict compliance with our Chapter's Bylaws.

Our Operations Guide

We strive for success through our governance and organizational structure.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals and educators from public, private, and non-profit organizations.